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Starting any new activity can be intimidating, however Paris Sensei and the Steel Rivers Aikido club want your first aikido class to be a positive one.  Here are some notes to put your mind at ease for your first class.


  1. Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to your first class, so that you can meet Sensei Paris, be introduced to other students, and discuss any physical limitations you may have. 

  2. You do not need to own a Gi (the traditional training uniform) in order to participate in classes.  Some students in our club choose to practice in loose, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement.  As you advance, we encourage you to consider purchasing a Gi; we can provide more information on how and where you can do so.

  3. Aikido follows Japanese discipline and etiquette.  New students or visitors will be instructed (and gently reminded) on the traditions of bowing when entering and leaving the mats, bowing in at the beginning of class, and bowing out at the end of class. 

  4. Students will be led in warm-ups by the sensei, stretching arms, legs, fingers, neck and other joints to prepare for class.

  5. Sensei or a senior student will demonstrate and lead students in various techniques during the class.  Students will often by partnered together to practice techniques, observed by the sensei and senior student(s).


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