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Alan Paris Sensei

Steel Rivers Aikido operates under the instruction of Alan Paris Sensei, a 3rd degree (Sandan) black belt.

Paris Sensei has been training in Aikido since 1998, and has been operating his own school since 2012.  He has also studied Karate, Judo and Pentjak Silat.


For twelve years, Paris Sensei was a student at The Academy of Traditional Asian Fighting Arts in Parkville, MD, a suburb of Baltimore.  Upon returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh in 2012, he started an Aikido club at the Wilmerding YMCA.  With the closure of the YMCA in Wilmerding, Paris Sensei has established Steel Rivers Aikido as an independent entity.

Paris Sensei believes that Aikido should be accessible to students of all abilities and at every level of experience.  He encourages students young and old, and of every fitness level, to join a class and learn fundamentals that will enhance balance, flexibility, mental and physical discipline. 

Paris Sensei lives in Manor with his wife and two daughters, and is also active as a parent board member of the Trafford Junior Tamburitzans, where his daughters participate in Eastern European folk dancing.

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